Taiwan Tanpao Osaka Tengo branch

Taiwan Tanpao is a Taiwanese xiaolong tangbao shop, specializing in soup dumplings and steamed dumplings.

Eat,Chinese cuisine   Temma/Minamimorimachi/Temmabashi Area


Temma Sanchoku Ichiba

Why not visit Temma Sanchoku Ichiba if you want to enjoy fresh seafood in the Temma area.

Eat,Izakaya (Japanese-style casual restaurant),Japanese cuisine (Washoku)   Temma/Minamimorimachi/Temmabashi Area



Jinbei, seafood specialty restaurant opened a brand-new branch “Sakana-no-Jinbei” in the Ura-Namba area! Located just a few minutes away from Nippombashi Station and Osaka Metro Namba Stations!

Eat,Izakaya (Japanese-style casual restaurant),Japanese cuisine (Washoku)   Shinsaibashi/Namba/Minamisemba/Horie Area


Edion dotonbori

We have a good variety of the latest home appliances of course, including popular items among foreign customers such as digital cameras, facial skin care devices, hair dryers, and Thermos bottles.

Shops,Home appliances   Shinsaibashi/Namba/Minamisemba/Horie Area



One of the largest Korean-style shopping stores in the Kansai area that offers a vast variety of Korean pop culture-related items, cosmetics and more!

Shops,Knick-knack store (variety goods)   Uehommachi/Tsuruhashi Area


Kazuya ~Japanese cuisine and yakiniku BBQ~

Kazuya offers a great combination of “Japanese cuisine and yakiniku BBQ” using Japan’s top three wagyu beef brands. Please relish their yakiniku BBQ with the best three brands of Japan’s wagyu beef.

Eat,Japanese cuisine (Washoku),Kobe beef,Yakiniku (Japanese-style BBQ)   Umeda/Kitashinchi Area


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