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About us

The number of foreign tourists arriving from Kansai International Airport has been increasing year by year. In 2018, the rate of increase will possibly reach the highest in the world.

In addition, Osaka is expecting a further increase of foreign visitors due to upcoming large-scale international events such as the Rugby World Cup in 2019, Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and the Osaka-Kansai Japan Expo in 2025 (candidate).

Ichiban OSAKA will introduce “Osaka’s best people, things, and places” that we are proud of to the world. Osaka has developed as the largest city in western Japan and has been creating its own unique culture for centuries. On top of that, Osaka is highly recognized as “Tenka-no Daidokoro (the Nation’s Kitchen)” where a myriad of fresh food is gathered from all over Japan attracting millions of people from all around the nation and the world to come and enjoy Osaka’s wide variety of delicious food all year round.

In order for you to be convinced that Osaka is well worth exploring, we will provide you with the hottest topics as well as the most valuable information concerning Osaka including its unique food and entertainment culture.

Please visit our website before and during your trip to get the information you need.

We definitely believe that Ichiban OSAKA will help you make your trip to Osaka more memorable and we hope you’ll come back to Osaka again.